Pydio disbled Welcome page plugin leads to login issue


I wrongly disabled welcome page plugin, now when i login by i see below error:
“Error while loading workspace Home : Cannot find access driver for repository welcome”

i can’t going to settings page to enable it again, kindly how can enable it from DB or from configuration file

Pydio version: pydio-core-8.0.2.tar.gz
SQL: Mariadb v10

  • i tried to change “access.ajxp_home” value from "a:1:{s:19:“AJXP_PLUGIN_ENABLED”;b:0;"
    to “a:1:{s:19:“AJXP_PLUGIN_ENABLED”;b:1;” in the database table “ajxp_plugin_configs”, but nothing append.

You did correctly by changing boolean value in database. Try to clear cache to remove plugins cache files

They are usually in PYDIO/data/cache/plugins_*

Hi. i have same problem. do you have solution?


Solved, no need to change any DB entry, just do below:

  1. remove or rename the /path/to/pydio/plugins/access.ajxp_home/manifest.xml to:

  2. clear the cache: rm -rf /path/to/pydio/data/cache/plugins_.

  3. restart the web server (apache, nginx,…)

Thank you for help. but now i have error “fwrite(): 98 is not a valid stream resource”

thank you for help