Localization/translation process


I have doubt about how works the localization process. We start to contribute in Crowdin and how works since there to here? This tool generate pool requests into code at github?

In other hand, how can I to test this translations? I made a env for me and I want to test this strings. How can I download all strings from Crowdin and put in my env?

Claudio Ferreira

As already explains in this other thread: [Help Wanted] Pydio Cells in *your* language - #26 by bsinou , we provide for your convenience an online setup that is automatically updated as soon as someone submit new strings in Crowdin.

Yet it can be sub-optimal to wait for it to be up-to-date.

The integration between crowdin and github is a bit complex and I do not want to dig in it here, but if you have go 1.15 on your machine, you can directly retrieve the code, build it and test locally as soon as it is pushed by crowdin in github.

I suggest the following (for linux), adapt to your need / OS :

# create a tmp folder to have a clean go path
mkdir -p ~/tmp/empty-gopath/src/github.com/pydio
# Here is the trick, you have to clone our i18n fork:
git clone https://github.com/pydio-i18n/cells.git 
cd cells
# checkout the branch that is updated by crowdin
git checkout i18n_master
# insure GOPATH is OK (we do not yet use modules in Cells) 
export GOPATH=/home/<your user>/tmp/empty-gopath/src/github.com/pydio
make dev
./cells configure
# and here is the second trick:
# there is a hidden env variable to also include work in progress languages when you start the app:
./cells start

And you should be good to go.

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