[Help Wanted] Pydio Cells in *your* language

Hello all,

Just a quick reminder for those who are willing to give back to the community: we are still looking for some help to translate the Cells interface in various languages.

It is really easy to participate: just navigate to Pydio Cells translations in Crowdin , create an account and get started.

For the time being, we already have:

  • English, French and German that are 100% done,
  • Italian, Latvian and Spanish that are at 90% done
  • Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese that have been partly done.

As a consequence from recent requests, we have added Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Swedish that are ready to get started. We can add other languages upon request.

Thanks a lot to all people who already gave a hand and thanks in advance for those who will jump in.

Happy translating!

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Just a quick update:

We are currently working on the next 2.1 version that will bring a lot of good stuff and among others a new reworked and enhanced installation process that is now fully internationalized… But for us, fellow translators, that means another new 200 messages to translate!

Don’t hesitate to have a look and give a hand if you can.

Thanks again in advance and stay safe.

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I don’t see any information about Simplified Chinese, I’m interested in joining.

Hello @Cee

For the time being, we have only added “Chinese traditional” is it a bad choice ?
I would rather begin with having only one version of Chinese, but pretty much complete rather than 2 half done versions.

Could you have a look in crowdin at the already existing chines translation and let me know what you think ?

Anyway, thanks for the offer!

And by the way, for everybody, we are nearing the 2.1 release date now (rc0 is out today)… So if you have a little bit of time to complete one of the almost-done-versions…

It would be nice to have them for the release!

Hi! I am translating the text into Russian. Is there a tool to insert the current text into Cell? Russian translations are usually longer than English phrases, which causes display defects.

Hey Antown, welcome to the forum.

I had a look at the Cells project in Crowdin and it seems you have worked a lot in the last few days, many thanks!

We add new languages in the Cells interface when we reach a good coverage - that is at least 85/90% - so that we only give the option to choose languages that are effectively more or less there.

We then have a test server that is updated each night with the latest translation from Crowdin so that translaters that are not coders can check their work on regular basis, but it is currently paused. I can restart it next week, and also enable Russian if you have translated enough.

Otherwise you might directly build and test latest version from the i18n fork locally, after enabling Russian, but it is slightly more complicated if you are not used to build go projects.

Let me know what your think and once again, thanks for your help.

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If everything goes well, I think in a month I will approach 80-90%.

I have been programming for a long time :slight_smile: So the test server is better. You can not rush to launch it. For now, I will focus on finishing up the untranslated texts.

My area of expertise now lies outside of cloud storage. Therefore, some things are not entirely clear to me.

For your info, we have also added simplified Chinese and Arabic to the list of available languages

Hey fellow translators!

Just a quick gift before I turn on the Christmas lights…

I have finally deployed a quick instance of the app there where suggested translations are auto-magically pushed as they come: https://translate.pydiocells.com

You should be able to log with login/pwd that are your locale, typically ru/ru. (Special dedicace to @Antown: sorry for the delay but it’s been a tough year…)

I had no time to make it bullet proof before the hollidays :grimacing: so every hour, if new translations have been suggested, the system is reset with the latest version… sorry for this.

But you might fine tune or complete your translations and we hope we can add them to the soon to come 2.2 version!

Anyway, it’s nice to see the interface in Vietnamese, Chinese or Russian, even if I don’t really understand anything!.

So happy translating and merry Christmas.


@Antown @Cee @all

We are glad to announce that thanks to your hard work, we are about to add Russian, Chinese Simplfied and Vietnamses to the options we offer by default in Pydio Cells with the version 2.2.0.

They are not complete but look complete enough for us to take the step.

So if you have some time in the next few days, don’t hesitate to step in to finalize, double check or proof read.

For the record, you have an updated version that is running with dedicated users here:

Please use following user:

  • ru / ru for Russian
  • vi-vn / vi-vn for Vietnamese
  • zh-cn / zh-cn for Simplified Chinese

Thanks to you all !


My name is Claudio and I want to translate to Brazilian Portuguese. I took a look in the community site and I saw that focus is in Pydio Cells and not in Pydio 8. Also see that you use Crowdin to coordinate translations.

Have some translation coordinator in Pydio, dev-list or channel here to discuss and give support for begginers into the project?

In other hand, how can I access translate.pydiocells.com ?

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@filhocf, if all you wish is to add to the existing Brazilian Portuguese translation for Pydio Cells, all you need is to join Crowdin (see the first post). Pydio 8 is a discontinued product, so I guess there is no further interest in translating it.

As for Cells, I’ve added a few translations of my own, although I’m a European Portuguese speaker — it would be wonderful if someone from Brazil could check & vote on my own contributions because I’m afraid that I might not use some of the more usual technical terms popular in Brazil (but not used over here in Portugal). I tried to do my best guest — based on machine translation and many translations of other apps that only have the Brazilian variant — but nothing like having a native Brazilian Portuguese speaker doing a double-check on the pending translations!

Welcome to the team! :slight_smile:

@GwynethLlewelyn, I already added a lot of translations in Crowdin. I wrote here because there haven’t many information about a place for translators, like other open source projects. This was the unique entry found about a more close to “place for translators” that I found.

I saw a entry in some place, with 2 years old, about a pt-PT place without reply. I think that is essential to have this place because, as you explained, we have a heavy difference between our portugueses. In Open/LibreOffice, I was the translation leader and was funny (today is funny, in there time, was very difficult) explain the diference between two portugueses.

I believe that with us, two portuguese speakers from different places, @bsinou can open a new language → pt-PT, for our portuguese friends. Can you do, @bsinou ?

And thank you by well come, @GwynethLlewelyn

Hello @filhocf and welcome also!

(and thank for the helping hand @GwynethLlewelyn :slight_smile: )

So we talk about (re)adding Portuguese to the corpus this morning and we agreed we should!
I am doing this right now.

I already have a question for you: a few strings are hard coded in the code and I have to impact them directly, namely: the name of the language in the target language and the “loading” word, could you please confirm what should I use:

Until now I had:

"pt-br": "Português"
"pt-br": "Carregando...",

Is the following OK or what do I have to put something else for brazilian Portuguese ?

"pt-pt": "Português"
"pt-pt": "Carregando...",

"pt-br": "Brasileiro"
"pt-br": "Carregando...",

I will also check and restart the translate server where you can test the version and let you know.

For the rest give me a few more hours please, we are currently on the last sprint before first release candidate for the v3 and there is a lot to do…

(but that also means that you are right on time if you want the portuguese to be shipped in the v3… :slight_smile: )


Thank you, @bsinou.

Good to see this support for portuguese speakers.

About your question, IMHO, I follow in this way:

"pt-pt": "Português"
"pt-pt": "Carregando...",

"pt-br": "Português do Brasil"
"pt-br": "Carregando...",

About the server and translation in general, my suggest is to open a page about translation and to put more information about how to contribute, tools, process, integration and a place for us to discuss about.

And about the time, in your time. The main, IMHO, is the feedback and respect, that you gave, so in your time. I wait to study more about Pydio and promote here, in Brazil.

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@GwynethLlewelyn , you have a pt-PT branch!!! Congratulations! :smiley:

Now the hard work to revise all translated strings from pt-BR to pt-PT. Good look!

And, if I can help in some thing, only to call that we help with we can.

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:+1: I’ll update this right now.

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So, the test server needed indeed a little bit of love.
It is back online here: https://translate.pydiocells.com

For the record, we have a watcher that redeploy the app when some new translation are submitted in crowdin:

  • there is a delay due to the sync between github and crowdin
  • we wait for a further 15mn (quiet period) to batch updates
  • when the system is reset, the app is down for ~5 mn: the test machine we rent for this is very small :slight_smile:

Use one of the following login with same password depending on your language:
ar de es-es fr fr-ca it ja ko lv nl pt-br pt-pt ru sv-se vi-vn zh-cn zh-tw

You can then choose the correct language via the menu that is in the top left corner >> My account.

See this thread Localization/translation process for more info on how to test locally.

Wait — what?! Version three? Already? But I haven’t stopped complaining about all the bugs and quirky things of v2! :crazy_face:

Jokes beside, that’s indeed extremely good news. I’m looking forward to it, and very, very curious to see what you have cooked up in the past few months. I hope that you have ditched go-vendor in favour of Go’s own dependency system. With luck, I might finally start compiling the code in all those neat platforms that haven’t got Cells yet! :grin:

Regarding this thread (thanks @filhocf for starting it! Things are rolling!):

  1. @filhocf is indeed correct, pt-br ought to be labelled Português do Brasil and never Brasileiro — it’s not a different language. If you wish, you could also label the languages as Português (Portugal) and Português (Brasil). It’s also common to have Português (Europeu), although, personally, I dislike that form; it sort of implies that there is an ‘original’, European version of Portuguese, and all others are bundled together as somewhat ‘lesser copies’, which is, frankly, wrong. I could write a few essays about that (and what about Portuguese (African)? There are five countries speaking Portuguese over there, but they are all different from each other — and they’re different from both Portugal’s and Brazil’s version…). To make matters slightly more complicated, there were different spelling rules between Portugal and Brazil, which evolved separately, but ultimately the spelling was made uniform again after an agreement in 1990 that started to be applied around 2005 or so, not without much controversy, though. For instance, the WordPress translation team had to ultimately separate the spelling of the ‘new Portuguese’ from the ‘old Portuguese’, giving each their own branch — similar to what happened in Spanish and French; and also inspired by the idea of having a more ‘informal’ version of the language, where people are addressed in the 2nd person, as opposed to the ‘formal’ version of the language, where they are addressed in the 3rd; this is true for all the Romance languages but also for German, for example; it’s just English that — as always! — is so peculiar for not distinguishing between both forms (‘you’ is both singular and plural/formal!). Anyway, my point is that there can be endless branching according to whatever criteria are favoured; it only makes sense to do so if there are enough people using a particular branch, making it worthwhile to be translated. Actually, I’d be more than fine with just having a Brazilian version (after all, it’s the most spoken/written variety of Portuguese) with the new, (allegedly) common spelling, even though — sadly — there isn’t a normalisation of the technical vocabulary. That’s the main reason for eventually separating both branches — mostly because of the different vocabulary. Note that neither version is ‘wrong’: Portuguese has a tremendous amount of synonyms for each word, and all these options are potentially acceptable; it’s just that when those terms were translated from English half a century ago or so, each country used their own conventions…

    But both agree with ‘Carregando…’ as a (literal) translation of ‘Loading…’! :smiley:

    Then again, sure, it’s way easier just to convert from Brazilian Portuguese into European Portuguese; my job will be much lighter than Claudio’s! :rofl:

  2. Awesome news about the updated test server! Ironically enough, I had completely forgotten about its existence (so useful to figure out things in context… and to learn which entries are fundamentally important to be translated first!) and I had only saved the login/password for… Russian! :pleading_face:

Anyway, thanks so much for doing this!