[Help Wanted] Pydio Cells in *your* language

Hello all,

Just a quick reminder for those who are willing to give back to the community: we are still looking for some help to translate the Cells interface in various languages.

It is really easy to participate: just navigate to https://crowdin.com/project/pydio-cells , create an account and get started.

For the time being, we already have:

  • English, French and German that are 100% done,
  • Italian, Latvian and Spanish that are at 90% done
  • Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese that have been partly done.

As a consequence from recent requests, we have added Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Swedish that are ready to get started. We can add other languages upon request.

Thanks a lot to all people who already gave a hand and thanks in advance for those who will jump in.

Happy translating!

Just a quick update:

We are currently working on the next 2.1 version that will bring a lot of good stuff and among others a new reworked and enhanced installation process that is now fully internationalized… But for us, fellow translators, that means another new 200 messages to translate!

Don’t hesitate to have a look and give a hand if you can.

Thanks again in advance and stay safe.