[Help Wanted] Pydio Cells in *your* language

Hello all,

Just a quick reminder for those who are willing to give back to the community: we are still looking for some help to translate the Cells interface in various languages.

It is really easy to participate: just navigate to https://crowdin.com/project/pydio-cells , create an account and get started.

For the time being, we already have:

  • English, French and German that are 100% done,
  • Italian, Latvian and Spanish that are at 90% done
  • Portuguese, Russian and Vietnamese that have been partly done.

As a consequence from recent requests, we have added Chinese, Dutch, Japanese, Korean and Swedish that are ready to get started. We can add other languages upon request.

Thanks a lot to all people who already gave a hand and thanks in advance for those who will jump in.

Happy translating!

Just a quick update:

We are currently working on the next 2.1 version that will bring a lot of good stuff and among others a new reworked and enhanced installation process that is now fully internationalized… But for us, fellow translators, that means another new 200 messages to translate!

Don’t hesitate to have a look and give a hand if you can.

Thanks again in advance and stay safe.

I don’t see any information about Simplified Chinese, I’m interested in joining.

Hello @Cee

For the time being, we have only added “Chinese traditional” is it a bad choice ?
I would rather begin with having only one version of Chinese, but pretty much complete rather than 2 half done versions.

Could you have a look in crowdin at the already existing chines translation and let me know what you think ?

Anyway, thanks for the offer!

And by the way, for everybody, we are nearing the 2.1 release date now (rc0 is out today)… So if you have a little bit of time to complete one of the almost-done-versions…

It would be nice to have them for the release!

Hi! I am translating the text into Russian. Is there a tool to insert the current text into Cell? Russian translations are usually longer than English phrases, which causes display defects.

Hey Antown, welcome to the forum.

I had a look at the Cells project in Crowdin and it seems you have worked a lot in the last few days, many thanks!

We add new languages in the Cells interface when we reach a good coverage - that is at least 85/90% - so that we only give the option to choose languages that are effectively more or less there.

We then have a test server that is updated each night with the latest translation from Crowdin so that translaters that are not coders can check their work on regular basis, but it is currently paused. I can restart it next week, and also enable Russian if you have translated enough.

Otherwise you might directly build and test latest version from the i18n fork locally, after enabling Russian, but it is slightly more complicated if you are not used to build go projects.

Let me know what your think and once again, thanks for your help.

If everything goes well, I think in a month I will approach 80-90%.

I have been programming for a long time :slight_smile: So the test server is better. You can not rush to launch it. For now, I will focus on finishing up the untranslated texts.

My area of expertise now lies outside of cloud storage. Therefore, some things are not entirely clear to me.

For your info, we have also added simplified Chinese and Arabic to the list of available languages

Hey fellow translators!

Just a quick gift before I turn on the Christmas lights…

I have finally deployed a quick instance of the app there where suggested translations are auto-magically pushed as they come: https://translate.pydiocells.com

You should be able to log with login/pwd that are your locale, typically ru/ru. (Special dedicace to @Antown: sorry for the delay but it’s been a tough year…)

I had no time to make it bullet proof before the hollidays :grimacing: so every hour, if new translations have been suggested, the system is reset with the latest version… sorry for this.

But you might fine tune or complete your translations and we hope we can add them to the soon to come 2.2 version!

Anyway, it’s nice to see the interface in Vietnamese, Chinese or Russian, even if I don’t really understand anything!.

So happy translating and merry Christmas.