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I’ve been browsing the web for quite a while, and can’t find any plugin creation guide or tutorial for Pydio Cells. There is the developer guide, but it seems to be only for the REST APIs. Where do I put the logic, the assets etc. ?

Say for example my company has a proprietary / non-standard internal auth system that can’t be covered by Cell’s enterprise edition. I would need to install it locally and write a custom plugin, right ?

TBH I’ve never programmed around microservices ; am I missing something ?

Also, do I need to learn Go (that would be fine), or are microservices language agnostic ?

Many thanks

Indeed, micro-services are language agnostic, but regarding authentication in Cells, you would very probably have to implement your own piece of GO code then recompile the whole bunch.
That said, I think adding a dedicated auth system will be quite hard if you are not very familiar with Cells codebase.
Thus a better approach would probably be to be able to connect to your internal auth using OAuth2/OIDC protocol, no way to implement that on your side? Can you describe a bit more your internal process?

Sorry, my wording wasn’t clear.

It was just an example of something we might want to do. I’m mostly looking for a generic tutorial or some guide to write plugins. Here are some ideas.

Where should I begin, to write plugins that :

  • change the display for a given filetype (eg. 3D files) ?
  • integrate a custom search engine ?
  • implement a one-time share link ?
  • a “remove file after sharing” link ?

We don’t need all of these right now, but I’m anticipating we will someday.

I believe a developed plugins ecosystem can be a reason a solution remains alive for long – especially an open source one.

Best regards

Any news on that ?