Language file path

Help me please.
What directory is the language file in? And what is the name of this file?

Sorry for my English…

could you explain what you are looking to do?
do you want to change the language on the pydio cells interface ?

I want a Russian interface. But there is no Russian language in the language selection list.

for the moment we do not have russian translation on Pydio Cells.


I want to use the Russian interface. But Russian is not in the list of available languages.

I know that the version of the Russian interface does not exist. That’s why I’m asking - where, in what folder, is the language file. I will translate the necessary minimum of words for my needs.

we have a contribution page for languages,
you could take a look and see if you are interested.

thank you for the source of information, but there is also no Russian language. Zayn, I want to translate some keywords in the English language file. I don’t want to create a full-fledged project to translate the interface of Cells. Can you tell me - where this language file is, (which directory)?

if you pulled the project look for a i18n folder that’s where the translation are stored.