Issue with public link

Debian 9
Pydio 8.2.2


I use webFTP for auth my users.
My master driver is FTP auth
My secondary driver is DataBase

I’m admin on my pydio server, i use the same login/pw from my FTP.

Everything works great, but i cannot share public link with random people (when i do not use FTP auth this function works great)

Now when I want to share publick link, pydio create a user like this:

I can’t delete this user.
And shared link does not display anything (but link is working)

Any idea ?

thank you :slight_smile:

this is a temporary user don’t worry about it and do not try to delete it else your public link might have issues.

thank you for your fast reply :slight_smile:

Anyway, the public link does not display anything, but the link is working, any suggestions ?

could you clear the pydio cache, rm -rf /var/www/pydio/data/cache/plugins_* and also rm -rf /var/www/pydio/data/cache/i18n/* just to be sure.

No changing, still a blank page with correct page title (of my share) and copyright on bottom right.

what is the ressource(the type) that you are sharing?

It’s a folder (with files inside) from my FTP (I use FTP Auth master driver and FTP workplace Driver)

mmm, try with a single text file for example i want to be sure about the issue.

Same, I create “file.txt”, in an empty folder from my FTP “tmp” and try to share public link of the folder, same issue:

still a blank page with correct page title (of my share folder, “Pydio - tmp”) and copyright on bottom right but no files inside.

can you try to put the DB auth storage as master and the FTP as secondary.

It works !

Thank you.

is this a bug or something ?

did it also fix your other issue, i saw that you re posted.

No, I still cannot delete files I created (but I can delete from another ftp client, so I know right is good) and auto create succefully login user does not work.

indeed the auto creation does not seem to work I will instigate that.
for the deletion it should be a rights issue, i just tested and when i created a file with my ftp client that had a non ftp user i was not able to perfom a delete but when i chown ftpuser:ftpusergroup it worked and i ws able to delete it from the user interface

For deletion of files/folder:

I create a file from pydio in a FTP directory (i’m login with my FTP user “qwrty”), I look permission on my server, it was the same, belong to “qwrty”.

When i tried to delete from Pydio, i can’t:

When I tried to delete from another FTP client (like filezilla) I can.

i would like to know what plugin did you enable,

and also the one on your workspace,
like this,

edit: also make sure to have libssh2 installed,


thank you for your feedback.

libssh2 is installed.

I checked into my plugins => storage driver => I do not have FTP over SSH enable, only FTP server.

My workspace is mounted with FTP server not FTP over SSH.

Should I try with FTP over SSH ?

yes sorry if i was not clear about it, but yes you have to enable it and use this one.

I will try and come back to tell if it works or not :slight_smile: