Can't delete files from WebFTP?

Hello :slight_smile:

Workspace FTP => OK

My FTP user can connect and see files and folder.

but i can’t delete or move files (i can create).
If i use filezilla with the same user, i can delete the files…

Any idea ?


Thank you

and this user has the rights ? i mean in the pydio interface, i will reproduce and see what happens on my side and will keep you updated.

yes like I said, when I use FileZilla with the same user, i can delete files, but not from WebFTP.

Any feedback ? I still have the issue :frowning:


any suggestions ?

No more idea ?

I can’t figure out, why i have this issue…

I still encounter same issue :frowning:

For deletion of files/folder:

I create a file from pydio in a FTP directory (i’m login with my FTP user “qwrty”), I look permission on my server, it was the same, belong to “qwrty”.

When i tried to delete from Pydio, i can’t:

When I tried to delete from another FTP client (like filezilla) I can.

could you take a look at your other post.

Any news about this issue ?

I tried to mount an ssh over ftp repo, but I can’t mount it for some reasons (I have ssh2)
So I have to stay with ftp repo.

Everything still working fine with FTP, exept for deletion…

How can I see which error is behind this error message provide by Pydio ?

Thank you

If it can provide more help:


In configuration of FTP workspace, what is value of “fix permission”?
If it’s default, please try to use “Copy user permission to all”

It’s already set on “copy user perms to all”

Anyone else got an idea ?