How to sync existing folders?

I first found this thread: [SOLVED] How to sync existing folders?

I didn’t want to repost in it as its marked as solved.

I have a network drive that I have mounted to my Pydio server. I have added it as a data source and created a workspace for it.

This drive already has 1tb of my personal photos and videos.

All I get from Pydio is the chrome dev tools is that it’s not able to load the data source.

What am I doing wrong?

Hello @fromage9747,

Could you tell me how you mounted the network drive.

@zayn It’s being mounted at boot using cifs

could you try to mount it inside a subfolder, for instance

  • if you have /mnt/my-network-drive
  • create a folder /mnt/myshare/and mount it to /mnt/myshare/my-network-drive.

@zayn I’ll give it a try