[SOLVED] How to sync existing folders?

Hi there,
After managed to get cells working, I would like to move files and folders to an existing workspaces.
Even tho I do it with a simple mv in linux cli, it doesn’t show on pydio web ui.

Do you have encountered this issue ?


This is quite easy. Once you have created a new datasource that points toward /home/pydio/data/localds1
and created a workspace that uses it. You can use linux mv and/or cp utilities to put data there.

You just have then to launch a synchronisation of the datasource. That usually happens at each restart of the app.

You can also manually trigger it as admin by going to:
settings >> storage >> {your data source} >> RE-SYNCHRONIZE

Hope this helps.

Thanks I actually restarted my apps and it synchronized. It wouldnt until I restart…even with sync buttons