Cells on local file server

Hey all,

I planning my own network storage and have a best practice question about how people deal with having their files available through something like Pydio Cells and also as a network share over SMB or NFS. Is it just a question of having duplicate files and a dedub enabled filesystem or do most people actively decide what they put on their web share and what on their local share?
I don’t quite know how well Cells handles manipulating files directly on the filesystem level and I want to avoid just making a network share on the Cells storage structure.

EDIT: I’m aware that currently there is no way to actually sync Cells with a filesystem share. I’m just hoping for a command line sync client down the road

Thanks for any answers, thoughts and input.

Hello @jo-e,

For a case such as SMB, NFS you can mount a volume on the server running Cells, then create a local filesystem datasource pointing to that mount.

We are currently working on a Sync Client for Cells, it will be available for testing at one point, so keep an eye on our web site.