How to add storage?

I know there’s documentation but I really don’t understand it. It’s very difficult for me because I want to migrate from Nextcloud.
Can somebody explain me or show some guide how to add my existing folders and new Pydio share I make on unraid server?
I use docker container from linuxserver.
I map folders like that:

Now I go to Cells-console panel and Storage tab. I add +datasource and want to add existing folder that I have my files. Choose Import Existing Data and set folder /kazex but cannot click next because: “Make sure to pick two level deep folder.”

The message is quite explicit: you have to create the datasource folder in a path that is at least 2 levels deep. Furthermore, when you are creating a datasource in a mounted folder, you have to add at least one level.

A few example to be clearer.
Let’s say that the mounted path is (from within the container) /kazex
and that the folder to create the datasource is datasource_folder,

  • you cannot directly create a DS pointing to kazex
  • creating a ds at /kazex/datasource_folder is OK as long as the container has RW permissions on path /kazex
  • /kazex/data/datasource_folder is OK

more details in our documentation

Hi, thank You for that answer. But my problem is that I have all my data that I want to share with my friends in /kazex folder. So if I add /kazex/folder1/folder2/ they will not see my actual data that is in /kazex folder.

Maybe you can move your file on your NFS to add a level and “share” the (newly created) parent of the kazex folder ??

I fear you have no other choice, at least if you want to use Cells.

OK I will try to mount parent folder in container.

Hi, I have something like that in my container setup and really don’t know how to setup Pydio to add my current Kazex folder.


Can You explain me how You will add that /mnt/user/NAS/syncthing/Kazex to make it work in pydio?

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