Setting up client

I just setup pydio and it has one workspace, my personal files. When I tried to setup the client, it doesn’t see this workspace forced me to create another one. This other one oddly included the files of my personal files in a folder. Anyway, one file is missing from the client and I don’t know why. Is it because I shared it to a public link?


if you are talking about the sync client, for your workspace to be syncable you will have to enable this

it’s the enterprise layout but it should be the same workflow, you click on the + and then add syncable workspace to the said workspace, it will then be displayed on the client.

That solves one problem. Thanks. Now why is one file in the workspace not being synced?

could try to index that workspace, and then force the synchronisation with the client to see what happens,

then you could take a look at the sync client logs to see what’s going on you can find them in:
/Users/<your user>/Library/Application Support/Pydio then inside this folder you will have a pydio.log, use a command such as tail and show me the stack.

Forgive my inexperience, but I don’t know in the community edition where to go to index a workspace or for that matter to force a synchronization.

when you are on a workspace click on the more button (see screenshot) and then you will have the index displaying.

There is no “more” button!

i just realized that you were on cells, all that time i thought you were on pydio 8, i should"ve asked you that my bad, for pydio cells you can just resync a datasource by going in the datasource menu.

here’s a screenshot showing you where you can find that

The resync had no effect.