Shared network drive with Cells?

I just upgraded my pydio instance to the new (and shinny) cells - however, I can’t seem to have a way to add my network file share drivers (windows) ?

I’m assuming I need to go under the new DataSource - however, I can’t seem to find anywhere to add a network share. I tried to typed in my network share ie: //hypervpc/appz/ but doesn’t work. I also have a mapped shared drive but it doesn’t show up in the Peer Address*.

If someone could point me to the right direction that would be great!


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Hello @jbisson,

You cannot add network shares as it is, you first need to mount a volume and then have a datasource point to that volume, make sure that you have rights to write in the parent folder, it is required to create a .minio.

for example
a .minio will be created inside storage when you create a datasource.

I’m running pydio cells in windows so I’m not sure where would I need to create the mount at first? I do have a network mapped drive ie: m:\ which is a network share.

Could you point me to the documentation on how to create a mount volume on windows? I’ve tried to find documentation but no luck :frowning:


I did tried it again this morning but I can’t seem to find a way to add a mount on windows. Any documentation link you could provide that could get me unblock?


Hello @jbisson,

Unfortunately I do not have any experience on windows, it would require me to do some testing until I figure it out, if I find a solution I will keep you updated.

That would be great. I currently can’t use the new cells on windows as I can’t add my shared network drive :frowning:

Let me know what’s your finding, I can try stuff up, just let me know how can I help!!!



Any luck on this?

Anyone else is using network share on windows that could help me out? :frowning:

Hey there, so you have a windows hyperv machine running cells and you are trying to mount a shared network drive that’s on another server. Is that shared drive a NAS or another windows server?
I do not think you can do what you are trying to do, and wonder two possible pathways:

  1. If your share is not a NAS and another windows server, could you run cells on that instead? That way it’s a local drive.
  2. If your shared drive is a NAS, could you do a CentOS VM instead of Windows to run Cells, then mount a NFS share instead of SMB? I have way better luck with NFS mounts.

I do have a windows box with my storage and another windows machine with pydio cells installed on it. The windows instance where my storage is has no apps at all, just storage. All of my others windows instance connect through windows share drive.

As for your #1, ideally, i would like to not have any apps on that storage box. This windows box was not met to have any apps installed on it - just pure storage.

I could have another standalone OS (unix based) and install Cells on it but I feel this is a bit crazy to install a new OS, Install NFS to get around a feature that used to work :frowning: Everything was working before Cells, seems like a regression or a feature that has been removed from previous pydio version?

I would like to jump on that cells version and keep it on windows if it’s possible!

i hope it is not too late and you switched to linux or docker because of this.

you can do all the stuff you want with windows basic tools since winnt if i remember right…

  • start cmd.exe with admin rights
    mklink /d "C:\ThePathToCellsDataDir\SomeExistingFolder\appz" "\\hypervpc\appz"
    (this will create a folder link from “C:…\appz” -> “\hyper…\appz” find details here)

if you get an error while following such a folder link: R2L and R2R are disabled by default for the sake of security. i have the data dir on a share and link in another share. to get R2R allowed,

  • use fsutil from cmd.exe with admin rights:
    fsutil behavior set symlinkevaluation R2R:1

if you like mklink, also

  • take a look at the subst command
    subst /?