How do I login?!

I’ve got Cells V2 installed and running with no errors logged to the console but I can’t login!

I supplied admin credentials during install but these don’t work, the login window just says “cannot find username or password”

Is there anything I can try or do I have to install it all over again?!

Weirdly the database is completely empty! No tables, no views, no queries, nothing! How is it even running?

Two issues, first the command line tool doesn’t complain about mixed case admin user names while the web based client does saying that they have to be all lower case.

Secondly sudo just doesn’t cut it, root has to install the system

Hello @IT_Admin,

I would advise you to install Cells with a dedicated user and not use the root user.

As for your password issue did you make a clean install (by removing the old database and the config file located in ~/.config/pydio/cells by default)

Hi @zayn ,

Many thanks for your reply. I’ve removed all occurrencies of .congig/pydio directories but I can’t install Cells as a normal user. I think this is because the domain certificates require root access to even read them. They’re setup as LetsEncrypt certificates using their certbot and this seems to be the way it does it. I could copy the certificates but then we’d need to remember to re-copy them every few months or I could symlink to them but the link could get broken next time the cert autorenews.

Also whereas the attempted install output many WARNs when running as root most of these seem to disappear which makes me wonder if installing as a normal user also has other issues.

However, if it could be set up as the same user the server uses for the SMB shares that would get rid of one issue we have with Pydio 8.