First login after install

I’m installing Pydio on a Mac, the installations seemed to be correct

## Frontend Configuration
✔ Admin Login (leave passwords empty if an admin is already created): admin
✔ Admin Password: ********
✔ Confirm Password: ********

## Advanced Settings
✗ There are some advanced settings for ports and initial data storage. Do you want to edit them: 

## Performing Installation
2019-10-03T22:39:09.593+0200	INFO	Starting installation now	{"bindUrl": "https://localhost:8080"}
✔ Created main database
✔ Created default datasources
✔ Configuration of gateway services
✔ Creation of logs directory

✔ Installation Finished: please restart with './cells start' command

When I lanched ./cells start
I can connect to https://localhost:8080
But if I enter admin and the password I typed in frontend configuration, I have a message “cannot find username or password”
and on the console

2019-10-03T23:16:10.836+0200	ERROR	pydio.web.auth	cannot bind user admin	{"error": "{\"id\":\"user\",\"code\":404,\"detail\":\"cannot find user admin\",\"status\":\"Not Found\"}"}
2019-10-03T23:16:10.943+0200	INFO	pydio.web.auth	Failed to login user{"id":"auth","code":401,"detail":"cannot find username or password","status":"Unauthorized"}
2019-10-03T23:16:10.944+0200	ERROR	Rest Error 401	{"error": "{\"id\":\"auth\",\"code\":401,\"detail\":\"cannot find username or password\",\"status\":\"Unauthorized\"}"}

Have I missed something?


It’s usually problem with version of DB. What’s your DB name/version ?

I’m not on my computer now so I don’t know the version number.
I suppose it’s the latest version of Mariadb.
I downloaded mariadb just before pydio with
brew install mariadb

It’s MariaDB
Server version: 5.6.16 MySQL Community Server (GPL)


Just to see if it’s really a user creation issue or a password issue, can you SELECT * from idm_user_idx_tree; in your DB to see if there is a user or not?