Admin user banned [solved/worked around]


My admin user has been banned from login. I think im running cells version 1.2.3, at least thats what cells-ctl says.

I dont appear to have an ip-ban plugin available and im running from the docker image.

Can anyone advise what I should do about this?

I ended up removing the lock row from the database.

FYI next time you can do /cells admin user-unlock -u "LOGIN"

Ah cool, thanks for the info!

Where do you run this command from? My admin account is locked out and I can’t figure out how to unlock it.

The first argument of the command is the cells binary itself. So if you want to use
./cells admin user-unlock -u "LOGIN" you have to be in the same folder where the binary is.

This is what I get…might I mention that I’m not very familiar with Go and might be doing this completely wrong.

and might be doing this completely wrong.


You were nearly there: you just have to replace “LOGIN” by the real login of the user you want to reset, for instance, if you log with a user admin in your adminstrator account, you should use:

./cells admin user-unlock -u "admin"

Let us know if it helps.

Lmao, crap. I had done it both ways with the same error. I guess I just didn’t screenshot it that way. I feel like an idiot for sending that lol. Either way, same issue. Know what it could be?

Are you sure cells is running ? In one of your posts cells appears to have just been stopped.