Login authorisation fails on first run

Hi all,
First post.
Trying Pydio on a new server after using Nextcloud for a while in the past.
Just installed on macOS Mojave. Created a user and password during configuration but on the first run my credentials are failing.
Update: reinstalled mariadb and started over. Still getting an error on first run but it’s not ‘user not found’ but:

2021-06-19T22:12:10.821+1000	ERROR	pydio.rest.frontend	Ladon blocked POST request at /frontend/session. Ladon Response: DefaultDeny:true 

Installed on macOS Mojave, 2012 Mac Mini with 16Gb ram.


this kind of errors just after start usually indicates the Cells server cannot reach the DB.
Did you have any error message during install.
When you re-installed the DB, are you sur the credentials that are defined in Cells conffig are still OK ?