Filesystem resync destroys database

Every now and then, we find that the Cells services shut themselves down. Users will not be able to upload or download any data. As a workaround we restart the cells service at night. The problem was that the filesystem is synced by the restart. This caused the data tree to be completely emptied in the database. So far this only happened with the personal files. Short-term solution here was to deactivate the resync service. We only now have the problem that some users don’t show all their data.

Our experience with Pydio Cells is unfortunately not really good. WebDAV, which displays the .pydio files that a user deletes, causing the directories to disappear. WebDav that has problems with Windows. Instable services that say goodbye for no real reason.

My issue is that I’m just giving our management more reasons to switch to OneDrive. We were very happy with the old Pydio except for a few things. But this was discontinued.

I hope someone will really help me.


It might help if you give a little bit more details, for instance, installation details, logs when the service crashes and so on, so that someone can have a look and help with your issues.Thanks in advance.