Cells 2.0 - Files is beeing deleted automaticaly

Hi All,

I have a strange and bad issue here. This is the second time that all my files went deleted by pydio cells.
In the folder activity log in pydio cells GUI itself I can see my name which has deleted all the files. It is also configured with cells sync. But in cells sync log I can see that the files at server site are gone and cells sync has deleted then on my pc. I need help to find out how the deleting task can be proceeded automaticaly without me pushing the buttom or anything?

I am using pydio no for few years and it never happend such kind of situation. This is realy bad!

Thanks in advance and best Regards

Hi @denx this is really bad indeed.
can you specify your server and client versions ?

Hi Charles

thanks for replying.

Host: CentOS7 - Version 3.10.0-1127.8.2.el7.x86_64
Cells: 2.1.4
Client: W10 1903 Build 18362.1139 (Has been upgraded 2 days ago)

Best Regards

First you should upgrade to 2.1.6
Did the issue happen with the latest version of CellsSync?

CellsSync - 0.9.1
I will upgrade to 2.1.6 for sure.
But deleting data automaticaly should be not a part of a bug issue.
Are we able to find out how this happend?
I am really wondering about the logic process in cells behind this issue.

We had detected similar cases that seemed to be linked to an empty (but not error) response from the server, leading the sync client to think that files where removed server-side. @denx, there is in fact a CellsSync 0.9.2 where we added additional failsafe checks to avoid such situation.
Do you happen to have any kind of reverse proxy between server and client?

Hi Charles

Thanks for clarification. I had luck that I made a backup of those folder structure.
Otherwise it would be nasty. Deleting Data as a software/indexing bug/failure is a No Go and I hope this will never happen again.
No reverse proxy is in place.
Regarding cells v.0.9.2: When I click the button “check for updates” it sais that I am up to date.
How can I get it. Or is it just a Beta version? After this data loss action I must to be in a stable environment.

Download, install and restart with the corresponding build from here : https://pydio.com/en/get-pydio/downloads/pydiosync-desktop-app
It’s weird that you don’t see an update available. we’ll recheck that
[update] Seems 0.9.2 is still in the “Development” channel (you can switch this in the Settings panel of the app).

Hi Charles

Strange, all data has been deleted again.
Cells Version: 2.1.6
Cells Sync: Still 0.9.1

I thought this issue is just with cells version 2.1.4…

How can this happen again?
[update] Going to Cells Sync 0.9.2

=> that’s the good way to do

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