Windows WebDAV needs a workaround


as I already found out in my other forum post, we need a small workaround for Windows so that the WebDAV works as it is originally designed.

As already written we run Pydio without reverse proxy. The problem is that Windows turns the WebDAV URL into the URL without the slash at the end. This leads to the Pydio Cells not noticing that the WebDAV is being requested here. The result is a redirection to the main page of Pydio. This will lead to an error in Windows, that this address is not a WebDAV resource, since the answer is not a valid WebDAV document, as Pydio responds with an HTML page.

Here again a recording of the HTTP communication.

I would be very grateful if someone could take care of this issue.

Hello @Jkey,

For the time being i would advise you to always point to a specific workspace, i will take a look at this.