Pydio Cells console error "Error While Listing"

Since few days ago (might be longer), I encountered this error on my Pydio Cells.

User can still upload and view files, but when I tried to create a new folder, the folder isn’t shown on Pydio Cells. Upon checking the server file explorer, that new folder is successfully created.

Any idea on how to solve this issue?
I am using Pydio Cells 3.0.3 on Windows 10 Build 1809

Hello @yukirin,

Your first message seems to show that there is an issue with the synchronization, did you add/removed files directly on the filesystem ?

The second message, no refresh token might be, because you had an old browser tab already authenticated and after a restart this token was no longer valid.

I do add folder directly to filesystem but it was back when I set up Pydio Cells and synchronization was a success.
How do I fix this?

As for the no refresh token, it was the only browser tab opened. The browser however has been opened for days as long as the PC’ uptime.

Hi Yukirin,
The “continuation token” error is not easy to debug, but it can be caused by a permission issue or a filename issue on the filesystem.
Do you use special characters for folders/filenames ? Can you check that all files/folders have proper permission (pydio user) inside the filesystem?

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