Pydio Cells console error "Error While Listing"

Since few days ago (might be longer), I encountered this error on my Pydio Cells.

User can still upload and view files, but when I tried to create a new folder, the folder isn’t shown on Pydio Cells. Upon checking the server file explorer, that new folder is successfully created.

Any idea on how to solve this issue?
I am using Pydio Cells 3.0.3 on Windows 10 Build 1809

Hello @yukirin,

Your first message seems to show that there is an issue with the synchronization, did you add/removed files directly on the filesystem ?

The second message, no refresh token might be, because you had an old browser tab already authenticated and after a restart this token was no longer valid.

I do add folder directly to filesystem but it was back when I set up Pydio Cells and synchronization was a success.
How do I fix this?

As for the no refresh token, it was the only browser tab opened. The browser however has been opened for days as long as the PC’ uptime.