CAS and Cells Finally Ready for Prime Time?

Check in a while ago, we were using Pydio 8 with CAS and LDAP (CAS provides the AUTH and DUO 2FA and LDAP the AD roles to map to workspaces).

Wasn’t possible with early Cells. Is it now?



What is version of CAS you are using.
Starting from version 5.1.x CAS supports SAML and OpenID. They are two IDP frameworks that are supported in Cells

Exactly were using cas in the current version and branches of PTO that we have.

I’m curious about whether that functionality has been moved to cells.

PHP pydio is basically a dead branch right?

PHP Pydio Community will be supported till end of the year

Thanks David,

But that just highlights the issue, can we migrate to Cells (we are Enterprise, btw), given the authentication needs and if not what are are authentication options?


If you are Enterprise customer, we’ll support P8 Enterprise at least for another year, or we’ll help you migrate to Cells Enterprise (included in license cost)

I appreciate that David… and I will open a ticket about this (we are low impact customers if you’ve looked at my email address, year after year like one ticket a year too. It just worked once we got it up and running), but it is also a bureaucracy here. So can I say the answer is yes, that support is in the product or no, but… (and then we can discuss off line?)