What about Cells and SSO?

Is it possible to customize authentication in Cells? From reading other posts, it seems you decided to completely remove that feature.

I have to say I am frustrated and disappointed. I mean it is one thing that free Open Source software doesn’t have some features I’d like. It’s a whole different thing if the developers taut “SSO Integration, Authenticate with FTP/Wordpress, Sync Client, WebDav Access, Enterprise Ready” and that “Cells” are the next great thing, and then it delivers nothing of the sort. The Website really doesn’t spell out clearly doesn’t make it very clear that those Features have been removed in Cells and that v8 doesn’t have the same access control features.

Please don’t see that as a criticism but more of a statement about my personal experience evaluating Pydio for my company.

Hi @baye5ian
Got your point.
If you read the docs, you should see that Cells authentication is based on OpenIDConnect, which is definitely a full-fledge SSO solution. But it’s mechanism is pretty different from p8 as it is based on OAuth2 and requires various URL redirections and stuff like that. And we did not yet have the time to properly test and document cases of integrating with external OpenID Identity Providers, but it is definitely in the mid-term roadmap. And yes the roadmap should be published somwere, it’s … in the roadmap :slight_smile: . Although dedicated, the team is small and doing its best.
Same same for sync and webdav, we are progressing slowly but surely on that as well.
That said, we will definitely not rewrite custom connectors for things like webFTP or PHP CMS SSO. It’s far too complicated, maintaining this was a kind of security nightmare in p8 (sessions switching, etc…) and we prefer to keep things simple and use standards.

So, bear with us, time will come. Stick to P8 in-between.