Auto create user FTP login?


i use Pydio for a while now, (love it) and i would like to implement ftp auth.

I restart from scratch (Pydio 8.2.1 | Apache 2.4 | Debian 9):

Delete all DB related to Pydio
Install Pydio
Create DB with first admin account
Mount FTP Workspace => OK with admin login
Enable FTP auth => OK with all my ftp user

Right now i can connect with user login from my FTP.


when a user succefully connected to Pydio he is not created in Pydio, so i can’t share the FTP workspsace with him…

I don’t know what’s the problem

My config:

I think I missed something…

Thnak you !

edit: and i don’t know why, i can’t create a new user manually…

you have to put the db auth authentication on the secondary driver, and the ftp auth on the master.

Will try this, thank you for feedback.

Still the same issue, my FTP user can connect and get the right he have on the FTP server, but the user is not create to Pydio…

after what i told you above if you enable the autocreate user setting it should be doing the trick.


unfortunately, this does not work.

Auto create user is check in the master driver option (which is FTP Auth)

No more idea ?

I can’t figure out, why i have this issue…

Is this what your trying to do?