Pydio as a fully dynamic FTP client

I want to use Pydio only as a fully dynamic FTP client:
on login screen user enters FTP hostname, username and password and will be then authenticated by the provided data.
If authentication is successful, the workspace should be created/mounted automatically and only files on that FTP server should be displayed for the user.

Is it possible (without manually precreating workspaces and/or local Pydio users)?

Thank you very much!

you can mount your ftp as a workspace but you will still have to manage the rights with the Pydio UI so that only users of a certain group/role can access the data.

Okay, thank you!
If I understand correctly :), this answers my question- Pydio cannot be used as a fully dynamic FTP client any more, because: you have to manually create a workspace before the user has ever logged in, aka you have to know the host name user is going to use? (the host name on login windows is not used to mount a FTP server?)

Rather confusing, since the the word “dynamic ftp” is used all over the place, under FTP plugin and FTP authentication… how is it dynamic if admin user has to manually create the workspace and change it’s permissions?

Thank you, if you have time to explain it to me :slight_smile:

i think i also misunderstood and explained badly what i would invite you to try is to create an FTP workspace and fill the fields as required as seen in this screenshot i think it will answer your main question.

And as for the rights managing pydio can do it, it you already set that up on your FTP.

Thank you, but it still does not make anything clearer to me :slight_smile: The screenshot does not even have “Dynamic FTP” enabled…

I will try to explain may scenario (hopefully) a little better:

The user that is going to log in, does not exist in Pydio. Admin user cannot precreate users,
new user must be authenticated (only) over FTP, not locally with Pydio. So I guess, I must use FTP auth.
When I have enabled FTP authentication and set it as a primary authentication driver, the login window changes accordingly and user can provide FTP host name, port, username, password, etc.

Now, so far everything is OK and the user will get authenticated over FTP.

Now what I need is, after the authentication part, the same data, that user provided on login screen (host name, port, user name, password) should be used to dynamically create a workspace for the very same user. Is it possible or is it not possible?

Since the user does not exist in Pydio (has never logged in before)- admin user cannot precreate and configure a workspace for him/her- and it is also unthinkable, to manually create workspaces for every FTP host in the universe :slight_smile: I need fully dynamic solution- workspace should use the same host name, that user entered on login screen.

For old versions (least 5.x.x) of Pydio it was possible…

Thank you for your time!

( sorry if i seemed confusing i arrived at pydio when version 8 was out )
my screen capture was to illustrate that it seemed possible,
so you should set it up and see.

yes i know it’s not what someone would hope for it was a miscommunication on my part, but what i thought ( for your case ) was that you wanted an FTP access workspace for Pydio users, but to answer your question again i think it’s possible.

Okay, thank you again,
I will give it a one more time :slight_smile:


It’s possible.

Please try to use magic string “AJXP_USER” in Pydio Setting >> Workspaces >>FTP_workspace>> Driver option >> Path: /home/pydio/AJXP_USER

When use login, it will take the login id and replace AJXP_USER in this path. As the result, the path become /home/pydio/login_id