Pydio as SFTP WebUI



Simple question: can pydio (php version) be used as a dumb SFTP web ui with the user accounts from SFTP server, regardless of current pydio user base?

I already have a pydio server working with AD auth on a Ubuntu 18.04 server.

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you can have users authenticate against an ftp server using their ftp credentials to log onto Pydio.


Sure, I understand a logged pydio user can use an sftp server, the question is: can a sftp user login on pydio using the sftp credentials directly, without a pydio user?


yes you can log inside pydio without having to use a pydio user,
you could use your sftp credentials directly to log in pydio.(after having set the auth method)


Hi Zayn
Thank you for your time and quick answer. I have enabled the “FTP over SSH” plugin, but I can’t find it as a driver option when creating a new workspace, can you please help me? Have I missed something?
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Once you enabled the plugin FTP over SSH in Available plugins > workspace drivers > ftp over ssh,
then hit the refresh plugin cache button on the top left and it should be enabled.


Done, but no luck. Should I then create a new workspace with such driver? I cant find it there.

Also, I have disabled FTP, WebDAV and S3 plugins, but they are still available to create a workspace, see below.

On time: I have hit the clear plugin cache button, doctrine cache, restarted apache, and see no changes on driver list when creating a new workspace.


here are my settings, maybe the default FTP should be enabled too,


No way to make it work. No matter what plugins I enable or disable I always have the same 5 options from my previous print. Any idea?


I eventually managed to make a SFTP Workspace work after some manual cache deletion and server reboot, only to discover that it is not what I want, I still need to use a pydio user.

I think what I want/need is another authentication driver - alongside with master and secondary driver - which is already set to my AD server - pointing to the SFTP server, so I can use a SFTP login on pydio login screen directly. Can this be done somehow?


you can have 2 means of authentication one master and the other secondary, so as if you put sftp on master and pydio (db) on secondary it should work.


So, to answer my OP: no, you cannot use a SFTP server as auth mechanism on pydio. One can create a SFTP workspace for users coming from other auth driver, but cannot use SFTP to login on pydio UI.


Side question, does Pydio Cells expose a SFTP server? That would be very useful; if so, how do I set it up?


no Pydio cells does not expose a sftp server.


oh yeah sorry i might have been not clear on that,
as you said you can have a remote ftp workspace and you can have users authenticate against this ftp workspace.