Cells 2.0.2 question

We have recently been testing out Cells v2 to replace Pydio 8. One of the key features of 8 that we liked was the ability for an admin to see a list of all Workspaces created by users. In Cells, however, I don’t seem to see any means of listing all the Cells created by users. Is there a way to do this, is this a feature planned for a future version?



Hello @scott.bentley,

If by user workspace you mean cells, then unfortunately this feature is only available on our Enterprise Edition.

Thanks Zayn. It’s not a big issue since we only need it infrequently and I can go direct to the database for that. Could I suggest that in my opinion providing this basic reporting is a good freemium feature, and Enterprise in my mind would focus on things like automation and analysis. Document workflows would be a good example of an Enterprise tier feature.