Which tables-migration-notifications?

So, i have old server on 8.2.1 and a new build on 8.2.1, both with installs
prescribed for version 8, remi-php,mariadb(mysql) 5.5.56

I have migrated data with rsync, all is well there.

The Goal:
To import via mysql the old server mysql tables for pydio db, however in doing so
it breaks notification emails on modified content, initial sharing electronic mails work well.

It is as if something in a table, not sure which one is responsible is not triggering proper and does
not even care about the mailer.

Debug mode does not help very much.

Only reason i want to import the old db is to ensure the shares/public links match up to users files
after rsync, instead of asking them to reshare and placing the burden on them.

Any help is appreciated.


Make sure that you disable SELinux to enable httpd to send mail or set this boolean value in Security | Pydio

Try to look for cron job in old machine if you fogot. /etc/crontab

Please migrate data/plugins/metastore.serial as well and verify file/folder permission


Ok, so it turns out pydio booster and the core.mq (apikey)
and the conf files for pydio booster have a big part in this.

Those are setup correctly now, or so i believe.

What I am seeing now is, email notifications work on modified files, however not consistently
sometimes, simple text files are not saving all of what I edited.

We have some testers that have gone back and forth and either edits/updates take some time to populate
and send faster notifications.

Any advice?

more food for thought.

it seems as if you can only get notifications from either workspaces or
within “My Files” I create new folders with notifications on and also in my account settings.
mail is now flowing both ways if watching a folder or file.

My guess is that this is by design to not send notifications on single files within the “My Files” default