Migrating "ancient versions to latest 8.0.2

I have a couple of migration questions. I have been gifted with an old, no to be more precise very old pydio server and we are migrating from a vendor to a cloud solution.

Our old version is a centos 6.9 running 5.2.3__2014-03-19__78a7eef community edition
we are moving to rhel7.4 running 8.0.2 community edition

I can imagine the migration isn’t as simple as load the database, move the /etc/pydio settings and clearing the cache.

I started comparing the database and seen some vast differences in the databases. I also know just importing the database isn’t going to do anything with our current files. I have yet to discover anything that clearly gives any direction on migrating from server to server with newer versions.

Any guidance will be seriously appreciated, I have been looking in to this process for a while and I am only finding documents that are geared towards ubuntu and other servers with little meat to the directions.

I even looked at ways to bulk load files in to the new app and retain directory structure.

sorry for the late answer i will ask the devs if they have any info on that.