Pydio 8.2.3, no notifications, no emails being sent

Hi there,

first, a big “thank you” for Pydio! Now on to my troubles:

Just did a fresh installation of Pydio 8.2.3. The server can send mails (using exim), verified working.
I have created a Pydio user with a working mail address.
I have created the ajxp_feed SQL table.

Available Plugins > Metadata Storage > Files MetaStore is enabled.
Available Plugins > Workspace Meta Aspects > Watch Metadata is enabled.
“Mailers” has been configured as follows:

Activate Queue: disabled (this is the default)
Mailer Plugin: PHPMailer-lite
Mailer: sendmail
Sendmail Path: /usr/sbin/sendmail (this is a link to exim and working)
Mails encoding: quoted-printable
Sender email:
Sender name: Pydio
Content: unmodified from defaults

I then logged in as the user who has a defined mail address. I created a new folder
called “Test” in “My Files”. When I right-click on the “Test” folder, I can select
“Watch for > Both” and a little eye icon appears on the folder.

It is my expectation that I should receive a) a notification under the bell icon
and b) an email when I upload a file into the folder. Neither is happening when
I upload a file.

I then shared the folder publicly: Enable Public Link, Permissions: Preview/Download/Upload.
A “shared” icon appears next to the eye icon.

When I log out of Pydio and open the share link as an anonymous user, I can see and download
the test file. I can also upload another file into the folder.

Still, no mail is being sent. When I re-login, there is no notification under the bell icon.

What am I doing wrong here? Any help is appreciated.


If it’s any help: The versions are Debian 9.9, Apache 2.4.25, MariaDB 10.1.38, PHP 7.0.33, Exim 4.89.


Did you see any log in exim? I think that’s the point you can start to troubleshoot.