Mail notifications

I am running Pydio 8 community edition on redhat7, php7, mysql/mariadb, nginx …

i am trying to set up the mail notifications and I have PHPmailer-lite installed, I see the plug in is enabled and I am able to sendmail using /usr/lib/sendmail.

I set up and configured:
Mailer plug-in: PHPmailer-lite
Mailer : sendmail (i’ve tried both sendmail and mail)
Mail encoding: Base64

set up a scheduled task to run every hour, the action is consume_mail_queue, (have also tried consume_notification_queue) and I assign it workspaces, assign the users for the notifications)

after that, I have run the cron job and there are no notifications being sent, but send mail itself does send out test emails.

What could I be missing, I’m not seeing any notifications of files uploaded, directories changing or anything

sendmail is somewhat weird to setup i tried using postfix which was i think easier to use, here’s a link that i followed and used but it’s been a while.
Tell me if succeeded otherwise we could try to plunge on the sendmail configuration and see if there is a way to use it.