Shares and Public links inaccessible after migration and upgrade

Hi, I’m working on a two part migration. First we’re upgrading from Pydio 6 to 8, and we’re migrating to a new server. The upgrade from 6 to 8 has been relatively smooth, simply ran the migration SQL files off of GitHub, replaced the core files with the 8 files, and re-upgraded to Enterprise.

I’m running into an issue with the server migration. Once on the new server none of the public links work (I’ve gotten rid of the /data/public directory and redirected all requests to /public instead, but they all 404 either way), and all of the shares are throwing errors (ShareCenter.php - Error while loading share. Error was (cannot find file…)) because they’re looking for the shares in the old location.

I attempted to do a find/replace on the database to update the file locations to their new absolute paths, but that resulted in all sorts of things breaking.

what are your mysql, php and os versions.