Can't access files or Home

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Ubuntu 18.04, Pydio Core 8.2.5, Web front end.

When our users attempt to login to the file server they are met with the message “Cannot access to workspace with id/alias ajxp_home”.

This just started happening with no admin intervention. I’ve gone through many search results, including on this forum, but nothing I’ve tried works.

How do we regain access to the file area?

This only seems to happen for admin users, standard users go to viewing the files on the server.

Try to grant access permission on “application pages” to admin

Found "application pages” in each user. Enabling read and write access to Home makes no difference. I noticed that some users have blue check boxes checked with the word “Inherited”, but this seems to make no difference either.

The alias for the main Workspace is not ajxp_home, should I change it to ajxp_home or should ajxp_home be configured somewhere?

Maybe you did the upgrade from old version (6,7). Try to reconfig (transfer settings) of Root Role to RootGroup role

I have a “Root Group” role and “ROOT_ROLE”. Should I clone the setting from ROOT_ROLE to Root Group?

Yes, ROOT_ROLE to Root Group

I notice that some user get a popup saying option should have been imported from the parent repository but it wasn’t found.

Got it working for me at least by demoting ROOT_ROLE to the bottom of the list. I’ll try another user who is offsite to see if it works for them as well…

after transfering configs/settings from ROOT_ROLE to Root Group role, please go to root_role and remove “auto apply this role to …”

It appears to be working for the other users as well.

Did this but rather than removing the entry it has just become a small empty box with a close widget. The close widget does nothing. Users are still able to access the files as expected.