Users in address book not listed from letter "r" onwards

When looking for users in the address book directory, none of the users starting the letter r until z are not listed, when they are in a group. I’m running Pydio 8.0.2.

  • It does not appear be a count, as new users in the range before r are visible directly.
  • When these users are in the root group the do show up in the address book list.
  • When you search for the username, they do appear again in the results, but without a search they disappear again.
  • When you select the first letter in the top right, the users also appear, but on the option ‘all’ they are gone.

Is there some setting for the address book I have missed?

can you create a group after that edit it ( click on the pen on the line one the right ) go to Customize Parameters > Application parameters add a parameter named Address Book directory listing and attribute this group to some of your users starting with the letters R to Z and see if they appear on the address book or not.
( you can also add this parameter to users if you want to try user by user )

Hi, thanks for the suggestions.

I have added a new group and moved some of the users there, and now they do show up! Even when I remove the extra Application Parameter. When I move a user back to the old group and assign the parameter directly to the user or the old group, the issue is back again and the user disappears.

I’m not sure what happens here in the background, but maybe it helps to move all users to the new group. Could I just move all users to the new group, without breaking any shares? I use the group only for assigning permissions to workspaces.

when you’re on you address book and you click on the letters to filter do you scroll down the letters ? what i mean is can you display them letter by letter.

As for your shares dont worry if you give the same rights to your groups you will not have an issue, maybe you should create a role for that because if your users are having multiple groups it might be messing things up.

Yes, when using the letter filter I initially see “All” and letters “a-n”, beyond that it is by scrolling.
When selecting a letter, the initially hidden users (in All) show up again.

About the roles I didn’t think about that. I will have a look at changing it to a role instead, thanks for pointing this out.