Contact list problem/bug v8.2

Pydio v8.2.0 Community Edition

We have a user that has created 42 shared contacts, but his address book only displays the first 20 or so and there does not appear to be any means to access the rest of his contacts. He claims that when he searches for a contact in the Share interface it won’t find those extra contacts that way either. I have confirmed the contacts exist though since I can see them in the Administration->People interface.

did he try to see if they appear here ?

and i would suggest him to clear his browser’s cache and see if they still are not displaying.

He told me that he did try to find them there and they did not show up.

This is still a problem in the newest Pydio 8. As “administrator” I’ve created more than 20 contacts in my contact book, but when I look at my contacts it only shows me the first 20. If I delete one, then the 21st becomes the 20th and shows up in the list.
There seems to be an Ajax limit of 20 items for the contact book list, and for selecting from the contacts when adding to teams.

I investigated the Ajax call being made and see no POST or GET parameters being sent that indicate a 20 item limit, so it is my guess that you have a SQL limit preventing the loading of more contacts. 20 is a pretty typical default LIMIT value for SQL statements in many ORMs so I’m betting this is a quick fix. I’d provide a patch but I’m not sure where the code for this is located and I expect your devs can fix it a lot quicker and more cleanly than I can.

Actually, you know the real problem here is that there is no “Search” box for the My Users or when adding users from My Users. The Directory works because it’s possible to search the entries, but without this search the default limit of 20 items shown makes it impossible to use the contact book or teams because I can’t see or manage anyone after the 20th contact. If you simply added a search feature as you have for the Directory then it would be fine.