Uploads not downloading to other clients



Hey there,

I have a Pydio installation that I have been using since version 7, now updated up to 8.0.2, have always had this problem:

I have two clients, if Client 1 Uploads a file using the PydioSync utility the file does not automatically download on Client 2 and vice-verse, If I then launch an indexation on the workspace through the web browser the files are immediately downloaded on the other client.

I can reliably recreate the error in this way:

  1. Create Test Workspace
  2. Setup Sync on both clients (Ubuntu & Mac but this makes no difference, had the problem with Win as well).
  3. Copy any file into the folder.
  4. Inspect ajxp_changes table, no record of this upload.
  5. Launch Index in workspace with web browser.
  6. Immediately the file downloads on the other Client.
  7. Inspect ajxp_changes table, Upload noted as last entry.

(If the procedure is repeated from step 3 -> 7 I get a delete and create entry for the file uploaded in the previous cycle)

I have checked permissions on the index and data folders (www-data user has access), I have also checked the Triggers in the DB,

Can you possibly point me in a direction?

Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Pydio: 8.0.2
Clients: (All = Linux, Win & OSX)
Webserver: Apache2

Thanks and Best Regards
Gerhard Veldman


This narrows it down a bit:

I just tried uploading a file in the web interface and that immediately downloaded on the client, so the problem only occurs when uploading from the client, any ideas?


Hey guys, any ideas?


I am suspecting a MySQL DB Trigger issue, is there a list of the triggers required in the DB?



So I went through the entire check APIs tutorial and everything seems fine up to the point of looking at https://yourserver.tld/runTests.php?api=true.

When logging in this returns:
Getting authentication token with user credentials
Data returned is not JSON! There is something wrong with the API. Exiting.NULL

I am currently looking into the rewrite rules but no joy so far,

Any ideas?


Another interesting observation:

*.txt files and directories always create an entry in ajxp_index & ajxp_changes,

However any other file doesn’t and requires a reindexation of the folder.

Any Ideas?


sorry for the late reply we were working on the cells release, as for this issue i will see with the devs if they can point you to a direction.


Hi Zayn,

Thanks, have you got any ideas?

Best Regards