Uploads not downloading to other clients

Hey there,

I have a Pydio installation that I have been using since version 7, now updated up to 8.0.2, have always had this problem:

I have two clients, if Client 1 Uploads a file using the PydioSync utility the file does not automatically download on Client 2 and vice-verse, If I then launch an indexation on the workspace through the web browser the files are immediately downloaded on the other client.

I can reliably recreate the error in this way:

  1. Create Test Workspace
  2. Setup Sync on both clients (Ubuntu & Mac but this makes no difference, had the problem with Win as well).
  3. Copy any file into the folder.
  4. Inspect ajxp_changes table, no record of this upload.
  5. Launch Index in workspace with web browser.
  6. Immediately the file downloads on the other Client.
  7. Inspect ajxp_changes table, Upload noted as last entry.

(If the procedure is repeated from step 3 -> 7 I get a delete and create entry for the file uploaded in the previous cycle)

I have checked permissions on the index and data folders (www-data user has access), I have also checked the Triggers in the DB,

Can you possibly point me in a direction?

Server OS: Ubuntu 16.04
Pydio: 8.0.2
Clients: (All = Linux, Win & OSX)
Webserver: Apache2

Thanks and Best Regards
Gerhard Veldman

This narrows it down a bit:

I just tried uploading a file in the web interface and that immediately downloaded on the client, so the problem only occurs when uploading from the client, any ideas?

Hey guys, any ideas?

I am suspecting a MySQL DB Trigger issue, is there a list of the triggers required in the DB?


So I went through the entire check APIs tutorial and everything seems fine up to the point of looking at https://yourserver.tld/runTests.php?api=true.

When logging in this returns:
Getting authentication token with user credentials
Data returned is not JSON! There is something wrong with the API. Exiting.NULL

I am currently looking into the rewrite rules but no joy so far,

Any ideas?

Another interesting observation:

*.txt files and directories always create an entry in ajxp_index & ajxp_changes,

However any other file doesn’t and requires a reindexation of the folder.

Any Ideas?

sorry for the late reply we were working on the cells release, as for this issue i will see with the devs if they can point you to a direction.

Hi Zayn,

Thanks, have you got any ideas?

Best Regards

Not really the way to fix things but to try and get past the problem I have setup a separate cells installation, this is also a problem as there is no PydioSync support.

Another great big pain in moving to cells will be getting the user accounts over to the cells installation as I do not think you can transfer those, maybe copying some database contents over to the cells db?

sorry for the late reply we are working a new release for the sync client, we will keep you updated.
Will you be up to test the release for your case to see if it’s fixed?

Hi Zayn,

Yes I would be able to run a secondary installation if it is possible to run Pydio 8 and Cells side-by-side on a set of test data if that could help,

Best Regards

we are still working on the new update for the sync client, we have a linux & osx versions available for test would you mind install and use it?
We fixed a lot of stuff and we"re still on it you can use this version instead of the older one if you wish too.

And could you test your issue and tell me if it still happens.

Here’s the link for the new build https://download.pydio.com/pub/pydio-sync/develop/packages/