Pydiosync: No entry in ajxp_index table


I’m new in Pydio, and got the same problem with many others: pydio doesn’t sync when upload file to server, but sync immediately from client to server. However, when I check the table ajxp_index table, there are no entry in it, so the table ajxp_changes is emplty too. The uploaded file data are only store in ajxp_feed table. The triggers are created successfully in table ajxp_index.

Please help me to figure out this problem!

Thanks in advance!
Uy Do.


I assume that you are running pydio version 8.2.3
Please try to launch manually index process on a workspace. Then verify ajxp_index, ajxp_change table for new updated data.

If you always empty tables, please make sure the triggers are installed in DB.

  • what is db and version ?
  • what kind of workspace you are working on?

Thank you so much for your feedback!

  1. My DB is MySQL version 5.5.45. Yes, my Pydio is 8.2.3. I tried to launch manually index process by going to My Files -> MORE -> Index Content. Is it corrected? Is there any other way to do that?
    I have done the index with that way via different users, but the table ajxp_index is still empty, so the ajxp_change is empty too although the triggers are existed in table ajxp_index (3 triggers).

  2. The workspace I am working on is the default one the system created (File system - Standard), and checking the file creation mask, it show “0600”

I also get this error popup after about 5 minutes launching index process. It said: Network error Cannot read property ‘indexOf’ of null

I think that I may miss some configuration in some where?
Please Help!
Uy Do