No dowloads with Pydio Sync Tool - just upload

Hi there

i’m new here and i’m excited about the features in pydio. exactly what i was looking for to get rid of google drive.

System installation: Pydio 8.2.3 in a Docker on UnRaid Server Local
Sync Client: PydioSync App 2.2.0 on MacOS (Info: CellSync doesn’t work at all)

Basically everything works fine in the webinterface. There is nothing which does not work or which is not configured correctly yet. At least that’s what I think.

My problem is only, that after the synchronization the following happens:

Server > Client: nothing happens, nothing is synchronized
Client > Server: everything is synchronized

I’m almost sure it’s a wrong attitude. I have set the bidirectional synchronization.

I tried the sync with admin user and normal user.

Would be nice if someone can help me. I really would like to work with pydio :wink:

regards greg

CellsSync does not work with Pydio 8.

Do you mean after fist time of sync all data are synchronized and then nothing happens?

I mean that after the message comes that the synchronization process is finished, the following can be determined.

Server > Client: nothing is synchronized
Client > Server: everything is synchronized

That means in other words, if I put a file into the server, there is after syncing nothing in the client. If I put a file on client side, it appears after sync on the server.

Please check in DB that all triggers are well installed and work correctly.

an how can I do that? Sorry about this question. I just installed Pydio on a new MySQL Database on my UnRaid Server. No clue about databases. Normally it just works and the tool does all that stuff correctly.

I installed pydio on my new server with public access. Same thing on client. PydioSync tool works fine for download but updload doesn’t work at all. Even after I disabled the mac firewall.

Some ideas? I really like pydio, but I also need desktop sync working.

Can you give me a workaround for check this triggerthings please?