Upgraded pydio and now it seems there are permission issues

I updated pydio in the brower on windows yesterday. It said something along the lines of unable to move file to backup (the cells.exe that was currently there) then when starting it kept saying key is 0. needs to be 16 bits.

What logs do i need to pull to start troubleshooting these issues?

I deleted EVERYTHING related to pydio and redownloaded cells. I have it installed (i think) but every time I add my storage location as a datasource i get "rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = … " (I cannot read it all due to being cut off in browser) I think i have many issues and would like some help on where to start. when i add a datasource (which worked for months before the update) i get something along the lines of failed to delete TMP file in parent folder.

Could not delete tmp file written when creating datasource on peer {“SpanUuid”: “55071efc-f141-4e76-8aed-a9f54dbf84d6”, “RemoteAddress”: “[::1]:51761”, “UserAgent”: “Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36 Edg/108.0.1462.46”, “ContentType”: “application/json”, “HttpProtocol”: “HTTP/2.0”, “UserName”: “admin”, “UserUuid”: “7d131986-192b-4bdc-b377-52b5722c25f8”, “GroupPath”: “/”, “Profile”: “admin”, “Roles”: “ROOT_GROUP,ADMINS,7d131986-192b-4bdc-b377-52b5722c25f8”}

Then it return a

Got Stats for index://files {“stats”: {“HasChildrenInfo”:false,“HasSizeInfo”:false,“Size”:0,“Folders”:0,“Files”:0}, “SpanRootUuid”: “54e35c6a-9bd0-49ec-ba16-8b3b9ecbda00”, “SpanParentUuid”: “54e35c6a-9bd0-49ec-ba16-8b3b9ecbda00”, “SpanUuid”: “55b64d2e-2440-4758-930a-e80011930907”, “OperationUuid”: “resync-ds-files-d92066c2”, “SchedulerJobUuid”: “resync-ds-files”, “SchedulerTaskUuid”: “d92066c2-f60b-454c-b1f6-4b0efa5ff982”, “SchedulerTaskActionPath”: “ROOT/actions.cmd.resync$0”}

Hello @sleppys welcome on the forum.
Maybe you are facing windows-specific issues. Can you give more info about your setup? what was the previous version of Cells? What’s the new version you have now? Is your filesystem “local” on the machine or maybe a mount of samba or equivalent remote storage?
Your DB ? Windows version ?

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