Disk migration, no longer able to access files

Hello there, I moved my cells install from one disk to another by copying the entire folder from one disk to another, I then used ./cells configure to change the path and I was able to login and see all the files in the install on the local disk but trying to download all the files fails, it doesn’t drop anything in the logs.

Is there a way I can resolve this easily?


Question: did you copy all data to new disk ?
There is a .minio.sys in /var/cells/data (or /home/user/.config/pydio/cells/data) folder which may be ignored during the copy.

Otherwise, please give us the old&new pydio.json (without secret info).

Hi there, all of the data on my cells install is lost. I have been busy with Disaster Recovery, sorry for not replying sooner.

Hi @tylerhoban
There is no reason you should have lost your data, but messing up with configurations and paths may end up with a messed up install.

Cells version, datasource format (flat/structured), what folders did you exactly move, etc… if you want some help, give us more info !

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