Lost datasources and ability to add new ones after upgrading to latest dev version

As usual, cells has been running extremely slowly (just as bad as v8), so I was hopeful that maybe upgrading to 2.2.0 might bring some improvements, but now after restarting, all the data sources are gone and as a result, the workspaces are empty. Nothing happens when I click on the +Datasource button either, so I can’t even try adding them back in again.

The pydio.json file has reference to them, eg:

    "pydio.grpc.data.sync.ianexplorer": {
      "ApiKey": "t1PVAub9Q9RA6RWF",
      "ApiSecret": "32c04aac-fd45-484c-bd0d-55ee91529b92",
      "Name": "ianexplorer",
      "ObjectsBucket": "ianexplorer",
      "ObjectsServiceName": "local2",
      "StorageConfiguration": {
        "folder": "/share/ftp/ianexplorer",
        "normalize": "false"

but there isn’t a `“datasource”: “ianexplorer” anywhere in that pydio.json at: /root/.config/pydio/cells/pydio.json

The file was modified during the upgrade to the dev version but I am not sure what was changed.

Anyone have any thoughts on how I might recover the datasources or at least get the +Datasource button to work?

FYI - not sure if it is related, but the browser console shows a steady stream of errors, eg:

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'Subheader' of null
    at eval (PydioComponents.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:103)
    at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    at MaterialTable.render (PydioComponents.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:103)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper._renderValidatedComponentWithoutOwnerOrContext (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:47)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper._renderValidatedComponent (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:47)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper._updateRenderedComponent (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:47)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper._performComponentUpdate (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:47)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.updateComponent (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:47)
    at ReactCompositeComponentWrapper.receiveComponent (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:47)
    at Object.receiveComponent (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:50)

but there are many more than that - are these known issues?

Also, when I try to click on the +Datasource button, this is the error that prevents the modal dialog from opening.

bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:49 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Name' of null
    at eval (AdminWorkspaces.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:18228)
    at Array.map (<anonymous>)
    at DataSourcesBoard.createDataSource (AdminWorkspaces.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:18227)
    at EnhancedButton._this.handleTouchTap (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:34)
    at Object.invokeGuardedCallback (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:49)
    at executeDispatch (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:46)
    at Object.executeDispatchesInOrder (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:46)
    at executeDispatchesAndRelease (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:46)
    at executeDispatchesAndReleaseTopLevel (bundle.prod.min.js?v=79f3bc545d36e5409721fb80c00eaf74:46)
    at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)

Also, the pydio logs are showing these:

Ts : 1606893058
Level : error
Logger : pydio.grpc.tasks
Msg : cannot run action actions.versioning.prune: Could not find DataSource pydiods1
SpanUuid : 6e1b4b61-346d-11eb-82d2-408d5cfaec10
OperationUuid : prune-versions-job-8496cbc4
SchedulerJobUuid : prune-versions-job
SchedulerTaskUuid : 8496cbc4-60ee-40cd-97bd-1b31d6d68905
SchedulerTaskActionPath : ROOT/actions.versioning.prune$0

Some more details on this would help us solve some potential issue…

Hope you did not upgrade to the dev version without having a proper backup.
the 2.2.0 is not yet out and still in a finalisation phase (RC1 is not even out): we are typically working on the automated procedure for live system upgrade…

I made a mistake and don’t have a proper backup. I assumed (wrongly) that it would be a simple matter of reverting to the old version of the cells binary if needed, but that doesn’t work.

Actually, what would be needed as a backup to be able to revert? DB, cells binary, pydio.json files? What else?

Basically, you need:

  • the DB
  • the content of the WorkingDir (by the way we strongly advise to use a dedicated user for cells, the worlkingt dir should not be /root/.config/paydio/cells)
  • the documents if you have configured datasources that are outside the default <WORKING_DIR>/data location

You can directly re-download the correct version of the binary from the release section of our download server

Thanks - I’ll see what I can cobble together but it would still be great to know if you are seeing all those browser console errors and also not being able to make the +Datasource button work.

Yes we will keep an eye on this when we start testing and validating the migration … next week :wink:

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