Unable to empty recycle bin

Hi have a pydio cells 2.1.5 setup using kubernetes.
After one or two week, suddenly the “empty recycle bin” action stops working. I can’t see any error in logs but I only see a INFO entry:

INFO pydio.rest.tree Definitively deleting [press/recycle_bin]

After restarting the cells container, I can empty the recycle bin without problems… for one/two week.
Any ideas?

Hello and welcome @Fabio_Masini,

It might be the task service has stopped, next time you have the issue with the recycle_bin, could you take a look at your services and see if pydio.grpc.tasks and pydio.grpc.jobs are up and running.

To take a look at the services state you can either use the cli ./cells ps or have a look through the web ui in the services menu (in the cells console).

Hi zayn, thanks for your feedback!
Yes, the tasks and jobs services are up and running (checked using cells ps and listing linux processes).

I’m able to replicate this behaviour adding a lot of files, removing them, adding again and so on.

Sometimes I see errors like these:

2020-10-08T10:39:38.234Z	ERROR	pydio.grpc.tasks	Cannot open Archive	{"OperationUuid": "copy-move-b2a3521d-91f8-4cac-8159-f81b34df924e-3eaa8540", "node": {"Uuid": "76cdd50a-873f-4804-b7b6-86d7a5248ff0", "Path": "pydiods1/Press/_tmp/Android File Transfer Agent.app.zip", "Etag": "d7e3482330f10c2184ffceacd54ec962", "MTime": "2020-10-08T10:13:30.000Z", "Size": 36, "MetaStore": {"name":"\"Android File Transfer Agent.app.zip\"","pydio:meta-data-source-name":"\"pydiods1\"","pydio:meta-data-source-path":"\"Press/_tmp/Android File Transfer Agent.app.zip\"","pydio:recycle_restore":"\"pydiods1/Press/_tmp/Android File Transfer Agent.app.zip\""}}, "error": "The specified key does not exist."}
2020-10-08T10:39:38.248Z	ERROR	pydio.grpc.tasks	Cannot open Archive	{"OperationUuid": "copy-move-b2a3521d-91f8-4cac-8159-f81b34df924e-3eaa8540", "node": {"Uuid": "92e61e63-9ae6-4e6e-8e55-98d962a9240f", "Path": "pydiods1/Press/_tmp/Android File Transfer.app.zip", "Etag": "6c5abb693bd732caf603896538bb5dfd", "MTime": "2020-10-08T10:13:30.000Z", "Size": 36, "MetaStore": {"name":"\"Android File Transfer.app.zip\"","pydio:meta-data-source-name":"\"pydiods1\"","pydio:meta-data-source-path":"\"Press/_tmp/Android File Transfer.app.zip\"","pydio:recycle_restore":"\"pydiods1/Press/_tmp/Android File Transfer.app.zip\""}}, "error": "The specified key does not exist."}
2020-10-08T10:39:38.263Z	ERROR	pydio.grpc.tasks	Cannot open Archive	{"OperationUuid": "copy-move-b2a3521d-91f8-4cac-8159-f81b34df924e-3eaa8540", "node": {"Uuid": "af3483ad-64cb-4ce7-9e5b-bf3f7bce1290", "Path": "pydiods1/Press/_tmp/Android Studio.app.zip", "Etag": "d7f6d91bbe58b441bf25aeb229c10178", "MTime": "2020-10-08T10:13:30.000Z", "Size": 36, "MetaStore": {"name":"\"Android Studio.app.zip\"","pydio:meta-data-source-name":"\"pydiods1\"","pydio:meta-data-source-path":"\"Press/_tmp/Android Studio.app.zip\"","pydio:recycle_restore":"\"pydiods1/Press/_tmp/Android Studio.app.zip\""}}, "error": "The specified key does not exist."}
2020-10-08T10:39:38.263Z	ERROR	pydio.grpc.tasks	cannot run action actions.tree.copymove: Errors found while copy/move node, stopping	{"OperationUuid": "copy-move-b2a3521d-91f8-4cac-8159-f81b34df924e-3eaa8540"}

Hello @Fabio_Masini,

The errors seems to point that your index was not synced, could you tell me how you add and remove files/folders?

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