The public link is removed from client Outlook email


When sending Pydio shared link it is not appearing on the client Outlook (MS Office 2016). However the same shared link is showing from an OWA.

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Hi @jra and welcome in the forum,

could you please precise the version of the server that you run and what you mean precisely by “OWA” ?

This will make it much easier for someone to help you.



First of all thanks to answer me back :slight_smile:

  • The Pydio version is 4.0.7
  • The messaging is Microsoft Exchange 2019
  • The client messaging is MS Office 2016 and 2019

The issue is a trunk email without the Pydio link on the email if we open with a Outlook Client (MS Office 2016 or 2019).

However, we saw that if we open the same email from Outlook Web Access (with Chrome or Edge) the link appear correctly. then we try to forward this email from Outlook Web Access to client Outlook and it is showing properly the Pydio link.

So we check on the source code of email received from the Outlook client and we can see (printscreen) that the Pydio part is in comment. It is like a bad interpretation of the html email send by Pydio to Client Outlook.

OK, it’s clearer now.

Could you please have a look at: Buttons not shown in Outlook Client · Issue #59 · matcornic/hermes · GitHub

And tell us if it looks like your issue ?



thanks for helping. No it is not related.

We also send a link from our Pydio server to an external client which have also Outlook client and they get the same issue. We cannot see the link.

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hmm. OK. This might be a bug, but most probably in the third party lib that we embed in the app to provide this feature.

Would you be so kind as to open a bug in our github repo, so that we can track the issue?
We will have a look at it.

Thanks for reporting.


Sorry for answering back but thanks. I had open a bug report today on github.

Public link button doesn’t appear in Outlook email client #459

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Because I got no news from Github I am trying to get help from the forum. Do you think the problem occur on commercial as well ? Or is there a way to disable this featur ?

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The latest dev build have a fix for this.

Would it be possible to do a quick test on your side ?

Thanks in advance.


The fix is working !!! The link does now appear on the Outlook client.

Many thanks for you support.

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Thanks for the quick feedback. :+1:

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