[SOLVED] Download link disappears in mails

Hello everybody,

i have a strange behaviour in Pydioserver: There is no link for downloading files in the mails.
Steps I’m doing:

  1. Upload a file to pydio server
  2. Share it with a public link.
  3. Click on the mail icon and put a mail address in it.
    3.1 I can see the mail text, including the link

Auf der Seite wurde für Sie ein neuer Link freigegeben.

  1. In the mail I get is the link gone.

And now my problem: I have no clue, where to look for any information about a possible error or missconfigured server.

Any hint or help?

Thank you!


I forgot to add some more info:
I found in www/plugins/plugins/core.mailer/layout/en.html or www/plugins/plugins/core.mailer/layout/en.txt that there is no placeholder or anything like a string, what could be replaced to a link. Is this correct?

The en.txt file looks like

My Server Filesharing

An My Server user is sharing a file with you, to download the corresponding file, click the link below:

This email was sent to you by My Server filesharing tool.

your issue is weird the en.txt should be looking like this :



This email was sent to you by Pydio, open source file sharing software for the Enterprise.
Learn more on https://pydio.com/
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Thank you zayn!

I guess my college thought, that we had to replace these lines. :sweat_smile:
As soon, as we replaced the text with AJXP_MAIL_BODY it is working again.

Thank you very much and all the best,