Subfolder creation

Ubuntu 18.04, Pydio 8.2.5

Our users are reporting that they can’t copy files in sub-directories to Pydio when those directories don’t already exist on the server, i.e. they have to create each sub-directory first.

Is this expected behaviour or have we configured something wrong?



No, there is something wrong. If it’s possible, please post error log of pydio/apache

If I can get to the machine remotely. Which logs do you want? Where does Pydio store it’s logs?

Hi @c12simple,

I have ssh access to the server, what should I do from there. I’m also having an issue with the max file upload size, I can’t get it above 8388608!


Found solution to 8M upload size on forums so please ignore that bit


The log of apache in /var/log
Pydio log is in db ajxp_log table

Hi @c12simple,

Nothing in any of the Apache logs and that database table is empty. So I’m guessing logging will need to be enabled somewhere. I’ll attach a screenshot of the error.


The top line seems to imply that the directory structure has been created but it hasn’t. The next error is most likely because the directory tree hasn’t been created. It may be a p
ermissions issue, but I don’t know which user Pydio is using. The top level directory “020 IT” is owned by www-data and has global rwx permissions.


It’s apache user (usually www-data, or apache)

Please verify subfolder permissions

I assumed it was www-data. Single files can be uploaded ok, which is why I don’t think it’s a permissions error

The subfolders don’t yet exist

Got this from the Pydio log web page:

@c12simple the permissions on “020 IT” are drwxrwxrwx 38 www-data www-data