Can´t write to tmp directory (411)

Fresh Install / Pydio 8.0.2 / Pydio Community (.zip), / Apache 2.4.26 / PHP 7.1.7 / MySQL 5.6

Dear Pydio Community,

iIcan´t upload larger files (tested with 30MB, but would guess > 10MB). Small files will be uploaded (few MB).

The Error: Unexpected response: Error while Uploading: No write access on folder for temporary files (411) <-- this is translated.

What I tried:

  1. changed tmp-directory in Pydio core settings via Browser (permission of folder always set to 777)
  2. changed tmp-directory in bootstrap_conf.php
  3. changed tmp-directory in php.ini
  4. changed tmp-upload-directory in php.ini
  5. changed upload_limit and several other variables to higher values in php.ini
  6. checked if php-command line is enabled, as pydio tries to to background operations while processing large files
  7. checked run_tests.php, but just ssl-encription-warning

Also looked at php.log, but no entry whatsoever. Does Pydio has a detailed log-file, that I could analyze? Just found the log in the browser interface, but this doesn’t do much.

I am out of ideas, so I made this account to ask the community. Any advice?
Sincerly, Tobi

your issue is weird, for pydio logs you can check them in the database base under the table ajxp_log.

Hi what’s your OS ? Did you try to chown your tmp folder to www-data or equivalent instead of chmod-ing to 777?

Hi Charles,

my OS is Windows 10 Pro x64. I chown-ed the whole Pydio-Folder to the according user. (There are different FTP and SQL-User for different domains/filespaces).

Also I got some good?! news:
Seems like a major problem was, that I was using PHP 7.1.7 while some php-modules still were at PHP 5.6 or at least php tried to work with the old ones. After going back to php.5.6 I could upload files again. I tried with a 97MB-File so far, 200MB failed with the 411 Error again.

Interessting thing: I just found out about this, because deleting of big files didnt work either, but this time there were entries in the php.log about like 30 php-modules that were unable to initialize.

I want to upload files up to 1 GB, that s the current goal. What need I do to achieve this?

Sidenote:When I try to upload files, the progress bar just runs straight to the end and stays there, until the upload is completed. I have no info on the progress whatsoever…is this normal?

I’m getting the same issue on linux

The HTTP Status Code 411 (Length Required) means that the server is refusing the file because it was sent without a content length header.

could you open a new post with your Pydio version, php version, OS and mysql version just to have all the base covered and i you can add your php/apache logs with the error it would be wonderfull, here’s a trick to get logs on the web ui of your pydio


Go to conf/bootstrap_context.php .
Switch this line to true : 
define("AJXP_SERVER_DEBUG" , true);

Had same issue, small files worked fine but bigger files not. The default tmp dir of php itself was the problem, it was set to default on a small partition. I changed php.ini
;upload_tmp_dir to some location that has enough free space and everything runs fine now…