C# Pydio Cells Server API


So… I’ve been struggling with this API and the documentation is great!!

I have managed to figure out how to get my access tokens. That’s about it.

I do not know how to do the basic things for this API using json and which services / endpoints to call to get it done

  1. List all Folders & Containing Files
  2. Retrieve these files
  3. Delete some files
  4. Push some files

I’m using the community version of Cells Server as I only need it for my own gain.

The struggle that I’m having is that “Cells Sync” is a piece of junk at this stage still and it works less than 50% of the time.

I want to be able to handle this process myself

Please advise


Could you please rather give feedback on what had blocked you so that we can enhance it ?

In theory you could generate a client for the swagger specification based on this file:

The generator would be https://editor.swagger.io/.

Just copy/paste the doc and then generate a client for c#. However, we tried this for PHP and it did not work because of nobody knows.



Oh, you can also use a standard s3 client to do most of your operations - maybe this is easier.