[Solved] How to secury my Pydio? Phantom users are created! -- SOLVED

Pydio 8.2.0
on shared hosting: CentOS release 6.6 (Final) - PHP version: 7.1.16

I installed Pydio 3 weeks ago, with two users: one administrator, and one other user.

Yesterday, I noticed the presence of two phantom users:

The users management system is enabled (Authentication => General Options => Generic Features: Enable users is on).

How can I avoid the creation of phantom users?


I had installed the Pydio-Drupal bridge. When a new Drupal user was created, it automatically created a Pydio user.

I disabled this function:
1 in Drupal:
Pydio Settings: Auto Create: False
2 in Pydio
Application Kernel > Authentication > (Master) Driver: Auth Driver Commons > Auto Create User: Off