[Solved] Guest can't edit shared file

Hey there !

I tryed to share an excel file with a guest via url : guest can read it, but can’t modify it.
For sure I checked the Edit function :

I’m running collabora online.

Tryed with : excel, word and txt file.

Thanks for your help!

Hello @lubovic,

I will take a look at this.

Hey there,

If it can help I’m in dev build 2.0.1

Hey there,

New update :

It’s working when I share a folder. Guest can navigate into the folder and open a xls file and edit it.

BUT if I set the sharing only for the file, and send the link, guest can read it but can’t modify it.

Hello @lubovic,

Thanks for your feedback,
I opened an issue for the devs .

Hello @lubovic,

We are going to release cells 2.0.2, keep an eye on your updater, it should fix the collabora rights.

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I just updated it, I can confirm it’s working now.

Thanks a lot