Collabora problems

Hey, I have Collabora setup and “working” after following the Pydio docs for the docker image method. By working I mean that documents open, can be edited and the changes get saved, everything appears great. I just had a user run into a problem though. They were editing a .xlsx file when a popup came up that said the source document had changed and would they like to “save as/overwrite/discard” and this popup would not go away no matter what was clicked.

The user swears the source document on Pydio had not been touched while he was editing through Collabora. Can you suggest why this might have happened and what to do about it in future?

Cells v2.0.2
Ubuntu 18.04
Collabora latest docker image


Sorry for the late answer, do you still have the issue and if yes could you tell me how you run collabora, by that I mean the command that starts the collabora docker, env etc…

Hey Zayn, it hasn’t been reported since the last time though we don’t use this server heavily at this time. We are still evaluating so it’s used by a limited set of staff.

The command used to start Collabora is:

sudo docker run --add-host -t -d -p 9980:9980 -e “extra_params=-o:tls.enable=true” -e “domain=get2\.hhangus\.com” -e “username=…” -e “password=…” --restart always collabora/code